10PCS Filter Smart Electric Dustproof Face Mask


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Smart Electric Dustproof Face Mask Anti-Fog Air Purification Respirator Automatic Fresh SportsRepeatedUse



  • The five-layer composite filter is recommended to be changed monthly or when suction resistance is increased


  • High-speed Mute Fan has a certain anti-waterproof function


    Food grade silicone material can be cleaned separately


    Product characteristics:Filter permeability is good, full-time active transmission of fresh air,  Not feel Suffocated, eco-friendly product ,no odor, no breeding bacteria.


    When the battery is at low voltage, the indicator light will be shown as red and will flash every 0.5 seconds until it is turned off


    This product included charging line, can be used for other standard USB charger to charge the product


    When charging, the indicator light is shown in red and flashes every 1 second

  • When the battery is charged, the indicator light shows red and is always on

  • Long press on the switch, the indicator light is shown in blue and always on for 10 Seconds.

  • When the wind speed is changed, the indicator light is shown in blue and is always on for 10 seconds

  • In normal operation, the indicator is shown in blue and flashes every 3 seconds

  • When in use, according to their own needs, short press the switch key to switch the wind speed, the product can choose two gears wind speed

  • During the cold weather use this product, it is out of the water mist is too large, the product will be condensed water discharge through the suction valves

  • Filter replacement time needs to be based on the actual use of the environment to determine,Under normal circumstances, we recommend a monthly replacement or Or if the suction resistance increases, the filter shall also be changed.

  • After separating the silicone mask independently, it can be cleaned or boiled. Chemical agents are not recommended

  • Do not share this product with others.

  • Children wearing this product as directed by Adult.

  • This product does not produce oxygen, Do not use in hypoxic environment

  • Operating Voltage         3.7V

  • Working Hours            4-5 hours

  • Charging time         2小时    2 hours

  • Charging parameter        5V/1A


  • Filter Type    Five-layer composite filter

  • Product weight            Approx.90g

  • Product size                112×106×65MM

  • Noise range                ﹤ 40 decibels

  • Working Environment         -20oC-50oC


  • 1xProduct 
  • 1xCharge line   


  • 1xSilicone tape 

  • 10xFilter (one is already installed)