Heating Facial Mask USB Infrared

Heating facial mask USB infrared electric heating facial mask Smart button temperature control SPA graphene beauty mask


1. Graphene thermal masking instrument

2. Infrared heat, double absorption

3. Mask is a good partner, skin care is more effective

4. 15 minutes of regular hot compress, absorption is more effective

5. Use technology to change the muscle base, make the skin more easily absorbed, and do more with less.

6. Nano-material graphene, mask essence is no longer lost

7. Slowly exothermic, warms the face and promotes the absorption of facial mask essence

8. Honeycomb internal structure, uniform heating, full absorption

9. Intelligent temperature control, free to adjust

10. 5V safe low voltage, use more assured


Warm tips:

1. Power on button, long press for 3 seconds to turn on/off, short press to adjust temperature

2. Adjust the temperature and time that suits you. It is not recommended to use the high temperature file for a long time.

3. Time memory function, re-switching gears for 15 minutes

4. This product can be used in 15 minutes to achieve the effect. It is recommended to use no more than 15 minutes per use.

5. This product can not be machine washed, bleached, ironed, wiped clean with water after use, and dried in a cool and ventilated place.

6. Save on tile, do not fold. Do not use excessive stretching during use

7. Product does not contain a bracket


Package inclued:

1*Main engine (mask)

1*USB Controller  Hot-Pack-Mask-Facial-SPA-Fully-Absorbed-Infrared-Heat-Intelligent-Button-Control-Temperature-Control-Cleanable-Mask (1)HTB1HoUYie3tHKVjSZSgq6x4QFXafHTB1ag21VkvoK1RjSZFDq6xY3pXap