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Product Description

Overview :

This product RF-V26 is a Waterproof Solar GPS Pet Tracker which is designed special for Cow, Horse and Sheep, it is working based on the 2G GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system. And it sets multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. It can remotely track and monitor the target by SMS, Mobile APP and Web tracking platform.

Besides, its built-in GPS receiver has superior sensitivity and fast time to first fix. Its quad band GPRS/GSM subsystem supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz allowing the RF-V26's location to be monitored in real time or periodically tracked by a backend server and mobile devices. System integration is straightforward as complete documentation is provided for GPRS communication protocol. The GPRS communication protocol supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery and scheduled GPS position.

What's more, the tracking software for this device is free for using LIFETIME, you needn't pay any monthly or yearly fee for the tracking service!



Main Features:

* GSM four frequency bands +GPS tracking
* Solar power charge automatically (Power on under the sunlight itself.)
* Waterproof IP66
* SOS alarm & two-way calls
* Anti-remove alarm
* WIFI locating & WIFI anti-lost fence
* Track with Web platform/ APP/ WeChat/ SMS commands
* Historical route display/ Geo-fence
* Voice monitoring
* Low battery alarm
* SIM card changing alarm
* Timing switch

Main Functions:

* Real-time tracking:  The latest reported position is shown in the map, to renew the location, user can press the refresh button on the top right corner, in about 1 minute, the position will be renewed.
* Historical route:There are 3 time-period to check device’s historical routes. For data and memory limits, currently the Apps only provides any day’s route in 90 days.
* Geo-fence: Set or cancel Geo-fence area. In order to avoid false alarm, user is recommended to set radius of fence more than 500m. Constant press Geo-fence name to edit or delete.
* WIFI fence: First choose WIFI hotspot (APP in an iPhone can only choose WIFI hotspot connected on iPhone). After setting successfully, the device will send alerts when it gets in or out of this WIFI fence.
  Attention: Please don’t set two nearby WIFI hotspots as WIFI fence to avoid frequent false alerts.
* Main monitoring number: Only the main monitoring number can receive SIM card changing and low battery reminders and send commands to set the device via SMS.
* SOS numbers: To set SOS number for emergent calls.

* Answer modes: To set three calls answering modes:
a.Push to answer: When a call comes, the device will ring like a phone, user needs to press key “SOS” to answer it for two-way communication.
b. Auto-answer: When a call comes from one of the SOS numbers, the device will ring, after one ring, it answers automatically and user can talk via the device.
c.Silent mode: When a call comes from one of the SOS numbers, the device will not ring, but answer the call directly, it’s a one-way communication for voice monitoring.

* Remove alarm: After turning on this alarm from APP, the device will be in remove alarm mode in 3 minutes. The device will send alerts once removed from the collar holder.

* Alarm mode: When the Remove alarm starts, there are four alarm modes to choose:
a. Alarm only to App;
b. Alarm to both App and make a call to main monitor number;
c. Alarm to App and send SMS to main monitor number;
d. Alarm to App, make a call and send SMS to main monitor number.

* Soft time zone: If used in China, the device needs no setting for time zone, while used abroad, user can set accordingly in App.
* Device language and time zone: Chinese and English are available for alarm SMS; Time zone: Enter user’s right time zone.
* Timing switch: User can set two combinations of timing switch. To save data plan and battery standby, this function enables the device to turn on and off automatically.
  Notes: This timing switch function is invalid when the device is in the sunlight, because it will turn on automatically under the sunlight.
* Remote reboot:If the device works abnormally, user can reboot the device remotely via App.
* Remote power-off: Via App to power off the device remotely. Be careful to use it, as the device can’t be remotely powered on after using this function.
* Alarm list:To show historical list of alarm information.
* Remind: When alarm triggered, to set whether to receive latest App alarm information or not.


* GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
* GPRS Standard: Class 12, TCP/IP
* GPS locating time:30sec with cold boot (open sky)
                                   29sec with warm boot (open sky)
                                   5sec with hot boot (open sky)
* GPS positioning accuracy:10-15m (open sky)
* WIFI positioning accuracy: 15-100m (accuracy depends on      google map database)
* LBS positioning accuracy: 100-1000m
* Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +45℃ (solar charging will be affected when it is more than 45℃)
* Working humidity:5% ~ 95% RH
* Device dimension: RF-V26: 60 (length) x50 (width) x17 (height) mm; RF-V26+: 65 (length) x50 (width) x24 (height) mm
* Device host net weight: RF-V26: 64g ; RF-V26+: 92g
* Battery capacity:RF-V26: 1500mAh; RF-V26+: 3000mAh

Comparison between RF-V26 and RF-V26+ :



Q: After inserting SIM card, the device can make phone calls, but it says “not enable” on both web platform and App.
A: 1. Please confirm the device can send SMS and make calls after inserting SIM card. (Note: locating may fail when SIM card fees owed)
    2. APN data is incorrect, you need configure the APN data as below steps:
    * Set main monitor number first by sending SMS command: pw,123456,center,phone number# to the device No.
      For example: Your phone number is 13711223344,then the SMS command is :pw,123456,center,13711223344#
    * The APN configure SMS command is:
      apn,apndata,user name,user password,network code#
    * For example: The AT&T APN data is wap.cingular
      The user name is blank,
      The user password is blank,
      The network code is 310410, (mcc:310,mnc,410)
      Then the APN configure SMS text is:apn,wap.cingular,,,310410#
      If the APN has no user name or password, then send SMS command: apn,wap.cingular,,,310410#
* Reboot the solar powered tracker after getting a SMS reply.
* If all steps above finished but the device still doesn’t work, please ask the SIM card operator for right APN data.
  PS: APN reference website:https://wiki [dot] apnchanger [dot]org or https://apn-settings [dot] com
  Attention: All commands above use lowercase letters, punctuation marks in English style and end with “#”.

erproof Tracker


Software Display

About web tracking platform:
Lifetime Free Web tracking software, login page :
This account is for demonstration only: Account: 888  Password: 123456
After you ordered , then you can get a valid account .
ID No.: 10 numbers on the tags behind the device. 
Password: 123456
About ANDROID/iOS APP Tracking:
* Scan the QR code on manual cover or search for “Anytracking” or “Reachfar” in Apple store or Google play store and download the App. (Note: In the process of installing, choose “trust” or “allow” when tips out to ask user to choose whether trust and allow the program to visit phone location otherwise, user can’t get a better App using effects.)
* After installation, as photos below, please choose login with device ID No. which can be found on the device back label and default password is “123456”.
* Make sure the device App status is “online” when you set commands via the App.

Reachfar APP

packing List

* 1pcs x GPS Tracker Main Device RF-V26 (White and Black for choice)
* 1pcs x Collar holder       
* 1pcs x User manual
* 1pcs x Magnetic USB charging cable
* 1pcs x Genuine Box


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