Smart Electric Anti-Fog And Air Purification Mask Respirator

Smart Electric Anti-Fog And Air Purification Respirator Automatic Fresh Air Mask



  • - The silicone part of the mask is made of food grade material. The environmentally friendly plastic material used in the entire body is safe and reliable.
    - Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear without feeling of pressure, stainless steel inner wall, 360 degree anti-collision, elastic silicone.
    - Built with internal turbo fan, 3 speed mode can be adjust , offer full fresh; Can filter out dust, cut off 98% of most particles, adsorb harmful odors.

  • Input voltage: DC3.7V
    Rated power: 0.85W
    Charging time: 2 hours
    Life time: 4.5 hours
    Filter: Primary effect layer + HEPA + activated carbon layer
    Air volume: 3 files
    Noise: 28-35dB
    Dimensions: 102x88x68mm
    Power supply: USB
    Filter type: composite filter
    Material: PP
    Uses: anti-fog, anti-second-hand smoke, anti-pollen, anti-dust, anti-PM2.5 particles

  • 1. It is recommended to clean the surface of the mask with a wet towel or a small amount of alcohol before use.
    2. When using for the first time, it is recommended to set the speed mode, the air will be supplied automatically without choking.

Package Content:

  • 1PC smart mask