Smart Electric face mask Scarf Dustproof

Smart Electric Mask Dustproof Formaldehyde Cycling Sports Mask


  • HEALTHY BREATHING: Our respirator mask is designed for comfortable protection against dust, pollen,fumes, common airborne irritants, and other non-oil based particles. It will help you breathe in a cleaner, healthier way.

  •  Our dust mask implements the design preventing the pollution mask from slipping off.

  •  COMFORTABLE FIT:General size, stretchy and adjustable strap suitable for most people, one size fits all.


  • 1. When charging the product, please charge it at room temperature due to product characteristics

  • 2. The power should be turned off when not in use for a long time, and it is recommended to charge it once in three months

  • 3. Please pay attention to cleaning and maintenance of protective masks in a timely manner, and regularly clean and replace the filter chip

  • 4. Store the product in a dry, cool place and avoid sunlight

  • 5.The product can no longer be used in water and high humidity environment, and the damp filter chip should be replaced immediately.


  • 1. Intelligent purification system.The micro-motor actively sends air and actively inhales the air around the host according to fluid mechanics. The large air volume effectively guarantees smooth breathing and solves the shortcomings of conventional masks.

  • 2.Filter protection system.The host actively inhales the surrounding air during work. The filtering and protection system can efficiently filter fine particulate matter (), dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen, dust mites and other harmful substances in the air, ensuring that the public is seriously polluted Can still travel and exercise normally, such as running, cycling, climbing, etc.

Charging instructions:

  • 1.It is recommended to charge the battery after the first use.

  • 2.Connect the power supply, the indicator light shows a red light to indicate charging, and a green light to indicate that the battery is fully charged

  • 3.The product charging voltage is 5v, and the charging current is 0.5C. When charging the product, please use the power adapter (5v, 1A) with composite safety standards for charging.

Filter chip replacement and precautions:

  • 1.The filter chip of this product is consumable and needs to be replaced regularly. It can be used for 5-7 days when the value is about 200 hour

  • 2.When replacing the filter chip, first open the surface shell to build the inner layer of the filter chip, hold the two sides of the filter chip slightly hard to the upper plate, and then remove

  • 3.During the use of the product, whether the filter needs to be replaced can be determined by observing the degree of dirt on the back of the filter

  • 4.Due to the material characteristics of the filter chip, please pay attention to waterproofing during replacement and use.

  • 5.In the case of not applicable for a long time, it is recommended to remove the filter for sealed storage

How to use:

  • 1.Power button: Press the first time: power on, the fan is turned on, and the wind speed is in the first gear.Press the second time: second wind speed.Press the third time: shutdown

  • 2.USB charging interface

  • 3.Breathing light button: Press for the first time:light breathing state.Press the second time: the light is always on.Press the third time: the light stops working

  • Put the two ends of the lanyard into the upper and lower lanyard ports of the product, and put the lanyard directly behind your head

Product cleaning and maintenance

  • Remove the buffer soft rubber along the edge of the back of the host, wipe it with water, and put it in boiling water for sterilization after a long time use

Basic parameters

  • Size:8x9.5x5.6cm

  • Charging voltage: 5V

  • Rated voltage: 3.7V

  • Purification rate:> 97%

  • Rated current: 240mA

  • Wind speed: 1.5m / s (light wind)

  • Working time: 4-6 hours

  • Charging time: 2-2.5h

  • Package Content:1PC Sports Mask Set