Topmask Fabric Protective Dustproof

Product description:

  • Protect our safety:Wearing masks is one way to curb the spread ,but to the deaf community, a mask that hides someone’s mouth can be a literal barrier to effective communication.

  • Solve Communication Barriers:Facial expressions and lip-reading are key for deaf people to understand others, so communicating without risking their health became a serious problem for the deaf community that called for an immediate solution.

  • Answer questions based on emoticons:The transparent section that makes the wearer’s lips visible, making lip-reading and making out the speaker’s facial expressions possible.


  • Material: Polyester

  • Occasions: any occasion

  • Season: four seasons

  • Applicable objects: men and women

  • Color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green

  • Size:20.5 X 11.5cm

Package Contents:

  • 4 PC mask