Voice Monitor Recorder for Elderly Children Pets Vehicle


P02 P03 GPS Tracker GSM AGPS LBS Wifi Real-time Call Tracking SOS Playback Voice Monitor Recorder for Children Elderly Pets Vehicle Luggage Locator Positioning


Buy One Get Two Use:

One-) don't put into silicone case and collar, it's a normal GPS tracker for Person Children Elderly Car Auto Vehicle Luggage

Two-) put into silicone case thread the collar, it becomes into a GPS tracker for Pets


Big Battery: 850mah--

Standby Time up to 15days

Working Time up to 5-7days ( depends on the upload interval )


Brand: Topin
Item No.: P02 , P03
GSM network:
(Quad band)
2G GSM , 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS standard: Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS Positioning accuracy: 10-15m
Battery Built-in,850mAh
Standby time GSM standby (GPSclosed) 15 days
GPS standby (10 minutes once positioning) 100hours
GSM/GPS Antenna Built-in design
Working ptemerature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
Working humidity: 20% ~ 80% RH
Positioning time cost
       (open sky)
Cold start 38 Sec
Warm start 29 Sec
Hot start 5 Sec
Host size: 50*30*15mm
Host weight: 30g
Host + silicone case + collar 65g
Collar size:  Length: 45cm, Width: 2cm , Adjustable Length: 28*44cm
Package includ:

1* Host, 1* Silicone case, 1* Collar

1* Rope, 1* USB cable, 1* User manual


P02 and P03 are same appearance, the difference is the PCB module inside, difference like this list: 

(P02 no speaker, P03 with speaker )




PCB Module





MTK2503 + MTK3333 + MTK5931

Multiple Positioning



TF card voice Recorder






APP Voice Recorder




ZX612 PCB Link:



ZX303 PCB Link:




1.Note: This is 2G GPS Tracker , only support 2G sim card. ( It's said Austrlia,Singapore,Mexico, Japan, Korea, Canada and USA will stop 2G service since 2017. )


2.The Topin Official Service platform: www.365gps.net

Android application: 365gps

iOS application: 365gps

Login ID: IMEI number, Default Password: 123456 


3. QR code scanning access

The client for the Android and iOS phones can be downloaded after the QR code has been scanned.
               Android application                                                                             IOS application
Android-App              iOS-App
4. Preparation before use
    Check whether the device model is correct and whether the accessories are all in readiness.
    Select the SIM card of the GSM network by referring to the advice of your distributor. (Turn off the cell phone first before installing the SIM card)
    The GPRS function and the caller ID display function should be subscribed for the SIM card.
    Install the APP client onto your cell phone. Please consult your distributor about the detailed information on the APP client.
5. Product function
l Multiple Positioning Mode: GPS+ AGPS+LBS+(Wifi)
l Worldwide GSM+GPRS 4-frequency System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
l Automatic Time Update: Precise GPS time service and no manual time adjustment is needed
l Track: The user's specific location can be inquired through the cell phone APP or the computer
l Fence: Designate an area on the map by setting the device as the center point and the alarm will be triggered off immediately once the user of the device goes into or out of this area
l PlayBack: Inquire the moving routes of the device in the past 3 months anytime and anywhere 
l SOS: In case of emergency, press the SOS button and the device will send out the call and message for help to the guardian
l Find Device: The lost device can be found through the APP on the cell phone
l Voice: With the highly sensitive microphone, the sound around the device can be heard in real time in case the emergency happens to the user
l Remote Power-off: The device can be turned off through the APP on the guardian's cell phone
l Remote Restart: The device can be restarted through the APP on the guardian's cell phone
l Intelligent Power Saving: The device turns off/on the GPS and data upload in the time range specified through the APP on the guardian's cell phone
SMS comands :


  • 000 # number # number # number # (binding three phone numbers)
  • 111 (SMS recording 10 minutes pause)
  • 222 (voice recording 5 minutes paus
  • 1 - Reset to default password: “pwrst”
    2 - Restore factory settings: “1122”
    3 - Inquire IMEI: “imei#”
    4 - Modify IMEI: “imei#+no.ofimei" ( for example: IMEI#200000000000001 )
    5 - LED light on/off: “led#on/led#off”
    6 - Modify upload time interval: 
    “time#+No. ( for example: time#1, time interval 1minutes, from 1-60minutes )
    "MD#+number" ( for example: MD#10 , time interval 10seconds, available set to 10-60 seconds) 
    7 - Modify IP: “DOMAIN# domain name or IP#Port ID#” ( will return to default 365gps server if the new server unavailable )
    8 - APN setting: “APN#parameter#account#password#”  ( if there is no account password, don't need to fill in. )
    (For example, China Mobile APN is: CMNET, text message: APN#CMNET#)
    9 - Restart the device: “SYSRST#”
    10 - Vibration Alarm:  6666#on# / 6666#off# ( open / close vibration alarm )
    11 - Remote Pickup Call: monitor#Number# ( set the monitor number) , monitor## ( cancel monitor )
    12- 999 : SMS Coordinate Positioning









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